The Buck Scholars Association (BSA) is an independent non-profit organization established in 2008 by the nearly 300 scholarship recipients of the Frank H. and Eva B. Buck Foundation (Buck Scholars).


The BSA’s mission is twofold: (1) foster the personal and professional growth of the Buck Scholars now spread across the globe; and (2) expand educational opportunities for a new generation of extraordinarily promising Northern California youth.


In 2014, the BSA launched the Buck Fellows Program, a mentoring and scholarship program to help talented Northern California high school students who demonstrate high academic and leadership potential, but could use further resources, support, and guidance to fully realize that potential. Fellows are chosen in their sophomore year of high school through a competitive selection process. Over 20 Fellows have been selected so far, with a new class added each spring. Each new Fellow is paired with a Buck Scholar mentor to guide them toward college through their last two years of high school.