Buck Scholar Spotlight - Anna Miles

Anna is a '09 Buck Scholar. She is an actor, director, and writer living in LA.  Her primary jobs include working as a performer in the Frozen show at Disneyland and performing children’s stories at elementary schools around Southern California with The Imagination Machine. Anna recently launched her newest project, Beating of Wings: An Artist Collective. Anna loves all food with cheese. Her favorite music artist is Mika. Her indulgence is cheap jewelry and during her free time, she loves embroidery and everything related to cats.


What gives you passion in life and in your current job?

My life’s passion is to create living, breathing universes on the stage and page, which have the power to demonstrate how our larger universe can become more equitable and empathetic. My passion is to empower and heal marginalized people, particularly women, through art, theater, and poetry, and to approach all my creations with a collaborative spirit and social responsibility.

What advice would you give buck fellows?

I would advise all young, passionate people to take time to define their personal values: what are the most elemental ideals that make up your ethics, your identity, your spirit? Find those things deep inside of yourself that will guide you as life gets harder, messier, and more complicated. Learn how to always come back to yourself.

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