The Buck Fellows Program

Launched in 2014 by the Buck Scholars Association, the Buck Fellows Program is designed to help talented Northern California high school students who demonstrate high academic and leadership potential, but who lack resources, support, and guidance to fully realize that potential.



The Buck Fellows Program offers Fellows expert guidance for applying to colleges, resources to help Fellows keep track of deadlines, and workshops to cultivate resiliency and leadership.



Buck Fellows have access to a thriving network of highly successful individuals in a diverse range of fields, including doctors, actors, engineers, TV journalists, filmmakers, lawyers, writers, professors, and entrepreneurs.



The Buck Fellows program offers funding for academic and artistic enrichment opportunities that help Fellows explore their interests, discover new goals, and pursue those goals.

why should i apply?

Many students have high academic aptitude, strong character, and a commitment to improving their communities, but lack the resources, support, and guidance to fully realize their potential. Becoming a Buck Fellow gives you unparalleled one-on-one mentorship, funding for enrichment opportunities, and academic and career guidance. The program is designed to help you define, shape, and realize your personal, professional, or academic goals. In particular, we focus on helping you navigate the college application process, which includes things like deciding what to study in college, choosing a college that is a good fit for you, and managing all the deadlines and applications.


This is the heart of the program and includes:

  • A primary mentor. The Fellow will be paired with a mentor who will nurture the Fellow’s academic and professional growth.
  • A secondary mentor family.  Experts in various fields, such as medicine, technology, and art, will be available to assist the Fellow.
  • Access to the network of 250+ Buck Scholars whose collective experience includes more than 95 institutions of higher learning and dozens of professional career paths.


Every Fellow will also receive generous funding for a summer enrichment opportunity after their junior year through which the Fellow can grow academically, socially, and personally.  Such opportunities might include travel to a foreign country, participation in a wilderness expedition, academic enrichment on a college campus, or a professional internship.  The Fellow’s primary mentor will help the Fellow identify and apply for these opportunities

Individualized Academic and Career Guidance

Buck Scholar experts will help Fellows think about college, prepare to apply to college, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in college.

  • Academic support.  Funding will be available to Fellows who would benefit from extra academic support, such as test preparation courses.
  • Local college visits.  Fellows will be invited in the spring of their junior year to visit a local college where they can speak to students and professors, and possibly attend lectures.
  • College application guidance.  Buck Scholar experts will be available to guide Fellows through revising essays, financial aid applications, and test-taking preparation.